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Salesforce Embedded Capture with ImageTrust

Image Access leverages the openness of the ImageTrust platform for content capture directly embedded in Salesforce.


ImageTrust is embedded  where you work, and doesn't require a separate process to scan content


A true web-based, centrally managed, concurrent user license structure that lifts the burden off IT. 


Licensed users have the ability to scan, index, redact, and quickly manage business critical content. 


Capture is now as easy as printing and allows your business to initiate a true digital transformation. 

Legacy thick client capture is slowing down your entire business, and limiting the effectiveness of modern platforms like Salesforce.

The way the enterprise manages content is changing, a mix of platforms and applications like Box, Slack, Salesforce, and other are now common across every organization. ImageTrust Transactional is an HMTL5 based LOB application that acts as  as scan button plugin. Intelligent capture is now performed within the host application while leveraging the latest advanced extraction engines. Being embedded, users no longer have to leave one application to process documents in another, resulting in information that is immediately available.

Scanning in Salesforce with storage in Box

SF Capture.PNG

Why SMB's and Enterprises alike see value in ImageTrust embedded capture

Over 150,000 companies, both big and small, are growing their businesses with Salesforce. Physical content is still very much a part of these workflows and as companies strive to better support every customer, while selling smarter and faster, a solution like ImageTrust becomes critical. 

Benefits of a Flexible Capture when combined with Modern Content Services.

Scan, Index, Access

ImageTrust is used by the top Fortune 500 companies for a reason. From centralized to distributed scanning our platform provides the enterprise with the most advanced features and functions when it comes to content capture. We make it easy for your employees to transform critical physical content into actionable data.

Leverage AI and ML

Legacy thick client capture is to rigid to adapt to the types of data an enterprise is typically faced with. ImageTrust as a platform was designed to openly leverage the latest extraction engines of today, and tomorrow. Gaining insight into your content has never been easier, as long as you have a platform that can openly leverage today's available technology.

Sensitive Content 

ImageTrust with real time redaction gives an organization a powerful way to easily redact information from a variety of document types, whether 

structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. This automated redaction solution combined with the power of Box gives an organization a way to safely distribute content while granting permissions to see un-redacted content to specific qualified users. 

Redacting Sensitive Content in Salesforce

Redaction SF.PNG

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